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February 24, 2022By Alex Lee
Home Repairs That You Should Never Procrastinate
Don't procrastinate on these home repairs: leaking roof, cracks in walls, leaky faucets/toilets, and replacing old appliances. Fixing these issues promptly can prevent further damage, save money, and improve energy efficiency.
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February 17, 2022By Alex Lee
4 Staging Tips That Have Universal Appeal
Stage your home to attract more offers. Remove personal items, use neutral decor, keep it simple and decluttered. Pay attention to the exterior for a strong first impression. Seek expert advice if needed.
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February 10, 2022By Alex Lee
Enhance Your Home Safety in 2022 With These Exterior and Interior Checks
Perform regular home inspections to address potential risks and maintenance issues. Check the roof, gutters, walkways, and lighting for safety. Maintain smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and appliances. Inspect electrical, plumbing, doors, windows, and walls. Update insurance to protect your home investment.
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February 03, 2022By Alex Lee
Getting Your Garage Ready for an Upcoming Listing
Prepare your garage for a listing by decluttering, repairing the door, replacing lighting, and organizing the space. A well-maintained garage can be appealing to potential buyers.
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January 28, 2022By Alex Lee
Homeward Bound February 2022
February is the month of love, and we celebrate Valentine's Day. If you know someone looking to buy or sell a home, refer them to our real estate sales team. We provide great service and donate to the CHOC Foundation. You can refer someone online or by calling us.
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January 20, 2022By Alex Lee
Areas of Your Home Most Susceptible to Winter Wear and Tear
Winter can cause damage to various areas of your home. Watch out for roof leaks, cracking exterior paint, frozen pipes, and foundation/driveway cracks. Inspect your home annually and make repairs in the spring to protect your property.
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January 12, 2022By Alex Lee
What Homebuyers Ask for When They Make an Offer
When buyers make an offer, they will specify the price and terms in a contract. Contingencies and earnest money may be included. Acceptance creates a binding agreement, but you can negotiate or reject offers beforehand. Understand buyer expectations to respond accordingly.
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January 06, 2022By Alex Lee
4 Water Damage Tips for Homeowners
Water damage is a homeowner's nightmare. Act quickly, document the damage for insurance, dry out affected areas, and take preventative measures. Regular maintenance and inspections are key. Protect your home and investment from water damage.
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December 27, 2021By Alex Lee
Homeward Bound January 2022
Celebrate the New Year with exciting news! Improve your follow-through on important goals by reading a great book. If you know anyone looking to make a move, refer them to our award-winning real estate sales team. Not only will they receive excellent service, but we also donate a portion of our income to the CHOC Children's Foundation.
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